Animals are generally very good at keeping themselves cool in the warmer months, and when heatstroke does occur, it is usually caused by the care of their owners.

Take care of your pet through summer:

  • Make sure your pets can always access fresh cold water and shade/covered areas to rest in
  • Do not leave your pet in the car, even if you leave the windows open
  • Take your dog for short walks in the cooler parts of the day (in the morning or late afternoon/evening)
  • Be mindful of older pets, as they may not be as capable of taking care of themselves in the heat, and may need your help to keep themselves hydrated and comfortable
  • Take care if your dog is a brachycephalic breed, such as a Pug or Bulldog, or has an airway condition, as these dogs have narrower airways and will have greater difficulty cooling themselves with airflow and breathing
  • Be conscious of signs of distress – panting, dark red/blue tinged gums, excessive salivation, wobbliness when walking, vomiting or seizures
  • If your pet is distressed from the heat, cool them with cool water with a wet towel, bath or hose and keep up air circulation around them with air conditioning of fans – this can be very beneficial in mild cases, and even in severe cases can improve their condition before veterinary attention.