Health and Fitness

Why Exercise and Activity is Important

Both cats and dogs enjoy activity and play time, as they can spend time with you, but it is also an important part of keeping them happy and healthy. There are many positive benefits to your pet from venturing outside and the sensory stimulation it provides.

While we may have heard about human obesity becoming more common around the world, sadly a large percentage of modern day pets are also facing the same fate. In Australia, over 41% of dogs and 33% of cats are above their optimal healthy weight.

Why does obesity in pets occur?

Modern pets no longer live a lifestyle of scavenging and hunting for food, chasing and playing with each other. Most consume too many calories and do minimal, or not enough, exercise as they are provided with an endless food supply and less opportunity for activity and exercise.

What you can do for your pet’s health and fitness

Visit the clinic for a complimentary Weight Check, and our qualified veterinary nurses can assess your pet’s physical health and body condition, and give tips and advice on diet modification and introducing/increasing activity and exercise. Changes do not have to be big, and any help or advice you receive can make a positive impact on your pet’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.