Allergies & Skin Health

Allergies and skin health

Skin conditions in pets are very common, and itchiness and inflammation of your pet’s skin often results from underlying allergies.There are 4 main types of allergies in animals:

  • Insect bite hypersensitivity – an allergic reaction resulting from the saliva entering the animal’s body from an insect bite. The majority of hypersensitivity reactions are caused by fleas
  • Contact allergy – an allergic reaction obtained through touch, for example touching plants, bedding or carpet. Contact allergies can usually be seen on the belly, paws and under the chin
  • Food allergy – an allergic reaction caused by a protein in an animal’s diet, which causes itchiness, ear inflammation and paw licking
  • Atopy – an allergic reaction caused by inhaling substances, such as pollens, in the air

See one of our vets to check your pet’s skin condition for allergies and rule out other causes, such as mite or bacterial infections.